Tips for Protect Your Newly Purchased Smartphone

Use a Good Quality Phone Case

vistaprint cell phone cases

phone cases

In this fast-paced and multitasking life, it is possible that you may time and again drop the phone and damage it. To clearly avoid this sort of event it is strongly advised that you use a phone case. This will ensure maximum physical protection to your handset. It is not necessary that you opt for an expensive branded case, even a good quality on branded one will suffice and give you the same kind of protection to your handset.

Phone Self Protect

self protection tips

Protect Smartphone

When you place the phone in your pocket make sure that you do not keep coins and or any other pointed type of stuff in the same pocket because this results in the display screen being scratched or damaged. Also, ensure that you avoid placing your phone in the rear pocket of your tight jeans because there is the probability that your phone might bend or just snap when you attempt to sit. Wherever you place your handset, just keep it out of reach of the toddlers or unruly kids in your home, it is likely that they may try to get hold of your handset and clumsily drop it and thus damage it.

Hold phone with a Firm Grip

hold the phone origin

finger Grip Phone Holder

The most common reason for phones dropping from your hand is due to the method in which you are holding the smartphone or the tablet. Hence it is necessary to get a good grip of the device. The way you catch your gadget is very important to prevent it from falling down. Still, if your phone drops and gets damaged, you can learn how to repair phones by getting hold of our cell phone repair book.

For more information, You should also read Important Tips For smartphone software installation in Newly Purchased Android Phones.

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Tips To Protect Your Android and Linux iOS Smartphone From Damage

quick protect your Phone Screen today from scratches? And do those fast ways to protect Your data on Android and Linux devices.Today the smartphone is an integral part of our life. Just as we protect our family members from being harmed, it is also necessary that we protect your smartphone from damage. Nothing is more painful to see your personal data photos, audios, and videos where delete and your smartphone getting scratches or worse a cracked LCD screen. We have listed below some tips on how to protect the smartphone from damage.

Android and Linux devices

fast ways to protect

Use a Screen Protector on your smartphone

The LCD of the smartphone is the most important part in Every smartphone. It is also the most expensive part in the latest smartphone today. by mishandling or carelessness, the LCD is bound to crack. And a shattered LCD looks awful and may also malfunction. To avoid this it is recommended that you use an LCD screen protector i.e. tempered glass. Get a suitable tempered glass LCD screen protector. This will prevent the display screen from scratches and also give added protection to the LCD to a great extent.

The LCD screen protector should be the first mobile accessory you buy for your smartphone.

How to Waterproof the Android and Linux iOS devices

Water and is well renowned to play havoc with Android and IOS devices. This may be in the form of rain or your smartphone getting wet in the Toilets, sinks, alcohol, puddles, pools, soft drinks, pool and at the beach. Even perspiration affects your phone, so it is necessary that you waterproof your smartphone to save you a lot of expense. For this, you need to use a waterproof case for your Device. This is easily available at any local mobile phone store in your area or you may also order it online. You should buy it only if your smartphone is not water resistant. If in case your smartphone gets water damages, please read our guide to Basic First Aid Steps to repair water damage smartphones.

Do Not leave Your Smartphone Unattended

Many times we are negligent and keep our Android and Linux iOS device in places where it is not secure. Always see to it that you have kept your smartphone in a safe place. If it is kept in a place where they are accessible to our kids or pets, make it sure that it is in your security to avoid regretting later.

mobilerepairingonline is also known as MRO Mobile Institute conducts courses in repairs of cell phones and tablets. You can join these short courses to learn latest phones repairing skills yourself and become a certified cell phone technician in a few months.

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Mobile Software Repairing Course

mobile software repairing course

video tutorials course

To provide a Level one, two or three training courses on mobile phone software fault diagnosis and repair to allow you to start repairing smartphone on your own and start making an income.
Our courses cover training on the repair of Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and China MTK mobile flash devices and Android smart phones.

Experience Required for mobile phone software engineering

You do not need any experience in order to go on the software course. The mobile phone software repair course will depend on the trainee and how much they can learn during our courses. We will obviously try to teach you as much on the hardware and software course as we can.

Facilities during mobile software repairing course

We provide all information about mobile phone repair tools and mobile flash devices to work on during the hardware and software both courses although we are also happy for attendees to bring their own damaged smartphones to work on.

Our Experienced Mobile Phone Repair Trainers and Mobile Phone Software Engineers

Our engineers are experienced and can handle any mobile phone software repair from simple unlocking to more complicated software repair jobs like iPhone unknown error and Samsung Galaxy stuck on logo after flashing.

Our courses cover training on the software repair of the following items:

dead mobile phone repair step by step

  • hanging mobile phones
  • mobile phone restart automatically
  • network related error and software faults
  • unlocking sim locks
  • unlocking security code
  • virus removing on smartphones

Where are the courses conduct?

The courses are conducted in Karachi Pakistan and UK London in mobile repairing and training centers for further details Contact London office mobile number  Whatsapp 003122906096

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Good news for latest Apple iPhone user

apple iphone users

latest news

Why do you need to spend more money to get other people to repair your iPhone? Be the latest iPhone user from now onwards! Apple iPhone owner with a broken iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, We can help you finding the closest place to repair your iPhone screens and other hardware, software problems

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How to fix a broken phone and keep it from happening again

How to fix a broken phone and keep it from happening again
repair it or replace it

we offer tips

When mobile phone break, should you repair it or replace it? Depends on how to save money and your time, then buying a whole new mobile phone or Save Money on Mobile Phone Repairs by Knowing Your Options we offer tips that can help extend the life of your cell phone.all your mobile phone photos and videos and important files are saved.Repair or Replace Broken Cell Phone Save your Money


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Disassembling & assembling of mobile phone

Disassembling & assembling of mobile phone

You should always remember the manner in which you had to disassemble the mobile phone because when you start to reassemble the same, you will have to go exactly in a reverse manner or else you will miss something and waste your precious time.Also while disassembling and assembling, you should be extra careful about the LCD and touch screen digitizers it is the most delicate part and the most expensive part in a smartphone
Replacing all the front and back screws

Smartphone Disassembling tips

useful techniques

You can also read our article on Important Tips For Phone Repair Technicians to be successful in smartphone repair business to grow your business more.
Whenever you replace the back cover and front screws after fixing the mobile phone, make sure that you replace all the screws in their respective slots. If perchance you misplaced some screws use new screws of the same type, size, and shape or else you will surely damage the threads in the slots. And remember that smartphone with missing screws are not a good sight and also it unbalances the alignment of the smartphone.

You can learn all the skills needed to repair apple iPhones and other smartphones by enrolling into mobile repairing online Institute’s Samsung and iPhone Problems and Their Solutions training course as well. The training starts from basics and goes up to troubleshooting of various mobile and smartphone faults.

let us know if you have an important tip to share in the comment box below. and also share this post on social media if you like it

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Smartphone block diagrams

Smartphone block diagrams

When using the term in smartphone repairing block diagram, we are referring to a whole sub-set of system diagrams, that use a series of integrated circuit blocks to represent components or actions, and connecting lines that show the relationship between those components blocks. They are typically low-detail, providing an overview of a process without necessarily going into the specifics of practical implementation. A common example of a smartphone block diagram is a flowchart, used in cell phone,mobile phone,android phone and smartphones as a simple way of mapping a repeated process. latest Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, Motorola, htc,  Sony xperia, and Nokia Software and hardware company designers use them to record the design process, information on physical components or construction is left to schematic diagrams or blueprints now in new era.

Not all Samsung, Motorola, Sony xperia and Nokia Smartphone block diagrams are the same

Although essentially a very simple format, a variety of shapes and connecting lines in mobile phones, and rules and actions pertaining to them, make the Smartphone block diagram a versatile tool for many mobile forms of industry. Here are some examples of the mobile phone and smartphone sort of subject matter block diagrams can be useful for :

what is schematic diagram ? and the four commonly asked questions answers Read more

Samsung mobile repair circuit diagram click here

Apple iPhone Block and Schematic Diagrams read more

Schematic diagram of Cell phones click here

Nokia, HTC and iPhone circuit diagram simple click here

each individual diagrams solution contains their own vector stencil libraries, full of task specific icons and templates, sample article that provide a reference of the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone solution, as well as a host of associated help and how-to material (text and video).

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